Šibenik is a city with 2 UNESCO monuments. Cathedral of St. James in the city center is enchanting with its centuries-old beauty, and the St. Nicholas Fortress, besides being located at the sea entrance to Šibenik, is a really popular destination for pleasant walks along the promenade of St. Anthony Channel with many viewpoints on the town of Šibenik and beautiful sights of Mediterranean ambience. Apart from the St. Nicholas Fortress, Šibenik has 3 more fortresses; St. Michael’s Fortress – the most beautiful Adriatic stage, the Barone Fortress with a rich local gastronomic and wine offer and the Fortress of St. John currently rebuilding. Bellow the fortresses is the old town of Šibenik where every corner tells the story of the rich history and culture of this city. Check out more information about Šibenik at Šibenik Info Point.

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Boat rental & private excursions with skipper